is Real-Time.

Shouldn’t Your Insurance Compliance Be Too?

PDFs and spreadsheets were never meant to mitigate franchisor risk. Think about it. How protected are you REALLY by the certificates you collect once a year?

Honestly, how confident are you in your current insurance compliance process?

You are likely using the same archaic systems franchisors have mashed together for decades. Unfortunately, most certificate processes are worthless. Why?

Certificates of insurance provide ZERO protection for your business.

PDFs can easily be falsified

COIs are not created in real-time

Certificates guarantee nothing

Manual processes are costly for franchisors to manage.

Lots of room for error

Higher risk for new franchises

Manual processing takes time (and money)

No syncing with franchise management systems

Relying on PDFs could cost you millions if your franchisee does not have proper (or any) insurance!

There is a simple and effective solution to meet all your compliance needs

Eliminate the PDFs, spreadsheets, and antiquated compliance products that are exposing your franchise to unnecessary risk. Put your finger on the real-time pulse of your franchisee’s insurance status – without all the other stuff.

Step 1


Rikor makes syncing your franchisees easy by integrating with your management system while mitigating risk. No more human input. No more guessing. No more spreadsheets!

Step 2


Once a franchisee is onboarded, you can upload your FDD or create custom insurance requirements. Click “activate” and never have to wonder if the PDFs you collect are correct or not.

Step 3


Working with Rikor gives you the power of many franchisors to reduce insurance premiums, obtain better coverage, and add additional value to your franchisees.

Step 4

Real-Time Pulse

Enjoy a purely real-time digital experience unlike anything before. View real-time insights into the status of insurance, compliance percentage by line of coverage, and get peace of mind knowing coverage is up to date!

Scott Abbott - Five Star Painting

Scott talks about his situation as a franchisor dealing with a franchisee who had insurance coverage cancel without being notified.

“If there was a way to know which of my franchisees had insurance at all times, that problem would have been solved. 

I think that’s what Rikor does for you, today.”

Scott Abbott

1000s of franchisees are ready for Rikor

What do you have to lose?

Maybe you are currently doing it all yourself with spreadsheets and PDFs. Perhaps you are outsourcing to an expensive, third-party “compliance” company. Or possibly you are using a free “preferred” insurance vendor.
The fact is, NONE of these solve the problem that PDF documents are processed once a year and are not reliable, not digital, and not real-time.

With Rikor, you get…

An easy onboarding process

Ability to create custom insurance requirements

Synchronization with your franchise management system

To eliminate the risk of uninsured franchisees